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Simply send us 3 months worth of invoices from your current vendors – that is all we need to make a seamless transition to ordering your supplies through STEADFAST. We take the information on these invoices and use it to provide you with the following:


  •  An initial savings report based on your past pricing. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing how much you can anticipate saving by becoming a STEADFAST client.
  • We will create ordering templates with the items you order most frequently so you can simply click and add them to your cart.  With our experience in serving oral surgery practices for over 8 years, we know that 80% of the supplies that you use are bought over and over again.  With 3 months of your ordering history, we are 80% there.
  • We will load your past pricing so that we can report how much you are actually saving by ordering your supplies through STEADFAST.
  • Make sure your local warehouses are adequately stocked with the items you order so that backorders will become a thing of the past.
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We have created a supply management tool, STEADFAST Advocate, tailored to the unique needs of an Oral Surgery practice. From a personalized, custom dashboard you simply place an order for all your supplies. SFM takes it from there and shops every line item with a sophisticated shopping tool to ensure that you are getting the best value on every item; we will take care of all of the details. From the same dashboard you can track your orders, view your order history, your invoices, savings reports and find the latest news in the Oral Surgery world (i.e. on shortages, allocations and industry updates).

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STEADFAST Medical pools the purchasing power of oral surgeons around the nation to drive down the price of consumable supplies for our clients. Our entire client-base benefits from each other’s collective volumes. In other words: as we grow, your prices prices drop. Instead of purchasing 10 boxes of lidocaine per month, STEADFAST purchases lidocaine for all their oral surgery clients measured in the hundreds of boxes per month. Vendors take notice of those volumes and compete for your business by lowering their prices. We work very hard developing mutually-beneficial relationships with all of our dozens of vendors. Healthy competition is promoted for all of the supplies that you use. We aggregate the full spectrum of supplies that your practice uses, including oral surgery specific products such as bone substitutes and membranes, med/surg supplies, traditional dental supplies, pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies and office supplies. STEADFAST Medical is your one-stop-shop. We will do all of the heavy lifting of supply procurement for your practice, so you can spend more of your limited time on patient care.

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Through our tried and true implementation process, we can accurately report how much you save as STEADFAST clients.  The savings can be staggering when compared to ordering your supplies in a traditional manner. We know that the cost savings catches the eye of the business owner, but we also know that we have to win the trust of the individual who is responsible for ordering and having the correct supplies in the back door and ready for surgery. Saving is not solely dollars and cents, STEADFAST saves time, hassle and headaches that are inherent in supply procurement.

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From Our Client’s Perspective

  • We have worked with Steadfast for the past six years and are very happy with the services that they provide us. They are able to research to find what we need, when we need it and at a very competitive price. The Steadfast staff are always available for every need and easy to work with. We have enjoyed the ease of ordering supplies with Steadfast and are excited at the savings we have received thru them. We highly recommend Steadfast to everyone looking for a supply ordering option.

  • STEADFAST has handled our supplies for over 6 years. The potential savings is what really caught my eye, but my staff really values the personal attention and the fact that they literally handle everything for us. While there is no question that STEADFAST has saved my practice tens of thousands of dollars over the years, I am sure that my staff wouldn’t even want to consider going back to the old way of doing things.